The Grith (Orchestral Bootleg)


The primal, subterranean natterings of unseen creatures swell to an orchestral rock and roll chorus of fevered exultation.

Take the richly imaginative film scores of Bernard Herrmann and Miklos Rosza,  and refract them through the orchestral rock and roll of Procol Harum and the carnival spirit of the Doors—and you get some idea of  what The Grith delivers.             John "Chris" Christensen, of that ‘90s one-hit-wonder Christensen/Schultz, has unearthed a dark treasure that didn’t quite make the cut for the original Songs From the Xenozoic Age CD. Polished and remastered, The Grith’s film score vibe may have kept it at odds to the rest of the Xenozoic Age songs, but it stands on is own as a highly evocative soundscape, rich in wonder and mystery.             Perfect enjoyed on its own, or as aural accompaniment to the Xenozoic stories that inspired it, The Grith is an otherworldly mind bender.

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